Mar 17, 2020

The Diffused Shot‐melting Technique for Making Germanium and Silicon p‐n Junction Devices

The diffused shot‐melting technique involves the melting and resolidifying of a piece (conveniently obtained in the form of shot) of semiconductor on a wafer of the same material (having essentially the same melting point) to form a single crystal boundary region, and the subsequent diffusion of impurities across the interface. Shot‐melting may be done so quickly that the interface coincides with the original surface of the wafer. Impurity contents of the shot and wafer may be chosen so that a variety of p‐n junction devices results after diffusion, and several junctions may be made on the same wafer by this process to form more complex structures. Although lifetime and resistivity changes generally occur, they can often be minimized by subsequent treatment such as alloy gettering or annealing. Simplicity and flexibility of diffused shot‐melting have made it a convenient laboratory technique for making many semiconductor devices.


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