Mar 29, 2020

(Invited) Optoelectronic Monolithic Integration of Waveguided Metal-Germanium-Metal Photodetector and Ge CMOSFETs on SOI Wafer

We demonstrate monolithic integration of waveguided Metal- Germanium -Metal photodetector (WG-MGM-PD) and Ge CMOS with high-k dielectric and metal gate on SOI wafer using novel epi-growth technique. WG-MGM-PD achieves a responsivity of 0.6A/W and speed (f3dB) of 17.4GHz. Ge CMOS with ultra-thin EOT (1.4nm) was demonstrated with 2 times hole mobility improvement over the Si universal mobility and very low gate leakage current (10-5~10-4A/cm2).


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