Feb 11, 2020

(Invited) Germanium on Sapphire Technology

Silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) substrates have been proven to offer significant advantages in the integration of passive and active devices in RF circuits. Germanium on insulator technology is a candidate for future higher performance circuits. Thus the advantages of employing a low loss dielectric substrate other than a silicon-dioxide layer on silicon will be even greater. This paper covers the production of germanium on sapphire (GeOS) substrates by wafer bonding. The quality of the germanium back interface is studied and a tungsten self-aligned gate process MOST process has been developed. High low field mobilities of 450-500 cm2/V-s have been achieved for p-channel MOSTs produced on GeOS substrates. Thick germanium on alumina (GOAL) substrates have also been produced.


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