Dec 17, 2019

Heterostructures of germanium nanowires and germanium–silicon oxide nanotubes and growth mechanisms

We report on a method to fabricate one-dimensional heterostructures of germanium nanowires (GeNWs) and germaniumsilicon oxide nanotubes (GeSiOxNTs). The synthesis of the wire–tube heterostructures is carried out using a simple furnace set-up with germanium tetraiodide and germanium powders as growth precursors, gold-dotted silicon wafers as substrates and by controlling the temperature ramp rate/sequence of the growth precursors. Two types of wire–tube heterostructures resulting from distinct growth mechanisms are obtained. The type-1 heterostructure consists of a GeNW, grown via a gold-catalyzed vapour–liquid–solid process, at the lower end and a GeSiOxNT at the upper end. In contrast, the type-2 heterostructure is made up of a solid wire at the upper end and a hollow tube at the lower end. The solid wire portion of the type-2 heterostructure is formed through an oxide-assisted growth process.

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