Jun 14, 2019

Investigation of Surface Roughness of Single Point Diamond Turned Germanium Substrate by Coherence Correlation Interferometry and Image Processing

Germanium is a widely used material in the infrared range. Single crystal germanium is used as semiconductor and optical material due to its salient features like high refractive index and proper working in cryogenic conditions. Thus, germanium is an important substrate for infrared lens having many applications in thermal imaging cameras, optical telescopes and miniaturization of infrared optical elements. These applications require optical elements of excellent surface quality and high dimensional accuracy. In addition to fulfil the demands, ultraprecision machine is used to fabricate the optical components. In this work, single crystal germanium (111) mirror is fabricated by using single point diamond tool with, negative rake angle. A large number of experiments are performed to achieve the surface finish of nanometric range. The best and worst combinations of process parameters are found on the basis of surface roughness with the help of coherence correlation interferometry(CCI) measurement and image processing using Canny, Prewitt, Roberts and Sobel edge filters and histogram. These results can be used for fabrication of diffractive optical elements and aspheric lenses of germanium.

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