Research in the field of electronics of 1D group-IV semiconductor structures has attracted increasing attention over the past 15 years. The exceptional combination of the unique 1D electronic transport properties with the mature material know-how of highly integrated silicon and germanium technology holds the promise of enhancing state-of-the-art electronics. In addition of providing conduction channels that can bring conventional field effect transistors to the uttermost scaling limits, the physics of 1D group IV nanowires endows new device principles. Such unconventional silicon and germanium nanowire devices are contenders for beyond complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) computing by virtue of their distinct switching behavior and higher expressive value. This review conveys to the reader a systematic recapitulation and analysis of the physics of silicon and germanium nanowires and the most relevant CMOS and CMOS-like devices built from silicon and germanium nanowires, including inversion mode, junctionless, steep-slope, quantum well and reconfigurable transistors.
Keywords:1D group-IV;complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) ;silicon and germanium nanowires;semiconductor 
Source: iopscience

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