Oct 28, 2015

High quality Germanium-On-Insulator wafers with excellent hole mobility

We present the fabrication and characterization of ultra thin and relatively thick SiGe-On-Insulator wafers with different Ge contents prepared by Ge condensation technique. The fabrication procedures as well as the structural analysis are detailed. The electrical properties of advanced strained SiGe-On-Insulator (SGOI) and relaxed Germanium-On-Insulator (GeOI) wafers were investigated using the Pseudo-MOSFET method and then compared with Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) and strained Silicon-On-Insulator (sSOI) structures. GeOI wafers with 10-nm and 100-nm film thickness show exceptionally high hole mobility as compared to both SOI and sSOI structures. The hole mobility can reach 400 cm2/V s. It is found that the mobilities for holes and electrons vary in opposite directions as the Ge fraction is increased. The Ge content also impacts the threshold and flat-band voltages.


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