Jul 15, 2015

A facility for plastic deformation of germanium single-crystal wafers

A facility for plastic deformation of single-crystal germanium wafers is described. It consists of a commercial tube furnace which radiates heat to evacuated quartz-glass tubes housing the tools for bending and flattening of the wafers. The facility is semi-automatic and requires minimal attention. All movements and temperature changes are done by a robot via a PLC-control system. Two nine-crystal focusing monochromators (54 × 116 and 70 × 116 mm2) made from 100 wafers with average mosaicity ∼13′ have been constructed. Summaries of the test results are presented.


  • Neutron monochromators
  • Plastic deformation of germanium
  • Mosaic germanium monochromators
  • Focusing monochromators

  • Source: Sciencedirect

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